The problem with the cloud

The problem with the cloud This is the problem with moving everything to "the cloud". Take this example from Hulu used to have every episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" until recently when apparently they have been restricted from showing some episodes of season 3. It is going to be hard to convince the general public to rely on the cloud for content when it can disappear for no apparent reason. There are three major problems with relying on the cloud: downtime, consistent internet access, and licensing.

Verizon to charge SMS companies to deliver SMS to subscribers?!

Verizon to charge SMS companies to deliver SMS to subscribers?! This is absurd. Verizon is essentially going to kill the use of shortcodes and B2C SMS services in the United States. (Click the title above to read the original article.)
The nation’s No. 2 carrier has informed partners that it will add a 3-cent fee for every MT (mobile terminated) message processed on its network beginning Nov. 1. MT messages typically include text alerts, interactive voting notifications and SMS search responses.
This is absolutely unbelievable. Verizon is going to charge SMS companies to deliver messages to handsets. They say this fee is to "cover costs" when there is virtually no cost associated as is. This kind of greed by Verizon seals the deal - I will never, ever go back to being a Verizon Wireless customer.

Thunderbird Extension: SmtpSwitch

Thunderbird Extension: SmtpSwitch Problem: When using an email client on a laptop from multiple locations, sometimes you have to change smtp servers. There has to be an easier way to changing the smtp server than to going into account options everytime! Solution: Enter, SmtpSwitch for Thunderbird by Gregory Kokanosky! It adds a dropdown menu right off of the Send button, so if you want to choose an smtp server other than the default, just select it from there and the message is on it's way! Oh, it's the little things that bring the greatest joy to my life!!