The worst mistake you can make as a user experience designer

There is nothing worse than navigating your mouse to click a link, only to find out the link was actually a dropdown menu. But it's too late, because you already clicked the link, so you're already being taken to a new page.


The problem? There is no indication this is a dropdown menu. It just looks like a link to a regular page.

So how should it work? If it's a hoverable area, the area shouldn't be clickable because you don't want to take the user to a different page if they click it. I wish more UX designers understood this basic concept. I cannot begin to explain the spout of frustration I just dealt with internally as I just ran into this on Verizon's website.

I hate Encompass Insurance & Aylor Insurance

Insurance companies are such a joke. I have a nice 18" long crack in my windshield and need a new one, so I called Newport Lexus, my favorite Lexus dealership, only to find out how much it would cost to replace through them: $1500. Ouch. So I called Encompass Insurance, only to find out that after my $500 deductible, Aylor Insurance will only cover $600. That gets me up to $1100, which would leave me out another $400 after my deductible. Sure, I can go through another glass repair company, but it sure would be nice to have it replaced Lexus directly, since the glass they would use would be MUCH higher quality. Plus it's another great excuse to visit Newport Lexus, and I'll take as many excuses as I can get to go hang out there.

It pisses me off that I pay $300/mo to Encompass Insurance, have no accidents on my record, and they can't cover any more than $600 for an insured repair. I tell ya, there's an industry that needs reform and more regulation. This right here makes me want to go into politics. Glad I'm leaving Encompass Insurance/Aylor Insurance next month. I won't be back.

Update: Got my windshield replaced through Safelite. The total cost for the materials and labor was $539.56. Again, my deductible was $500, so the insurance company paid a whopping $39.56 for my replacement, or basically sales tax. Gee, thanks Encompass Insurance/Aylor Insurance.

(And yes, I specifically wrote out "Aylor Insurance" so I would be sure to maximize the SEO benefit.)