Why I'm a Newport Lexus customer for life

Part of the Newport Lexus lobby. Just took this on my iPhone.

Although I bought my Lexus GS at Tustin Lexus, I was disappointed early on by the ethics and attitudes of the staff, so I decided to try Newport Lexus for my service. Having been here for service maybe half a dozen times and received a couple dozen free car washes, I can safely say that I love this place. Of course, I haven't been through the car buying experience, but the customer service is fantastic. From the staff that receives cars coming in for service to the service managers to the cashiers, the entire staff is friendly and accomodating.

Like with any car, there have been several non-scheduled maintenance issues that have caused me to pay Newport Lexus a visit, but each time, I look forward to visiting. Unlike most situations where I would be frustrated to have to venture out of my "home to Starbucks and back" routine, I actually want to visit Newport Lexus. In fact, I like this place so much that I sometimes want to visit even when I don't need to take my car in.

It has gotten to the point where, when my car needs service, the idea of taking it to Tustin Lexus, the dealership just a couple minutes from my house, doesn't even cross my mind. Instead, I drive out of my way to Newport Beach, because Newport Lexus has nailed every aspect of the customer experience, and I am treated the way a customer should be treated. There aren't many brands that I use that I'm excited to talk about, but this is one of the few that I will sing praises of all day long.

The next car I was planning on buying was going to be a BMW 6-series, but I have become such a fan of Newport Lexus since I bought my Lexus last summer that I have already decided to make my next purchase from Newport Lexus. That's what this entire customer experience is for - to increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat customers. And in that regard, Lexus has most certainly succeeded. Newport Lexus - I'll see you in 2011 for the Lexus GS-F.