My awesome Google wifi finder

Back in the day, I used to be so cool when I could find a wifi signal without even turning on my computer. One day, I will tell my kids about this little device and they will be amazed.


How can I get one?
Yeah, I want one too... Hook us up!
It used to be in Google's store but it's not there anymore. It's not really useful anymore since it only scanned for *any* wifi signals, not just open wifi. Back in the day, most hot spots used to be unprotected but that has changed in recent years. And now more and more cell phones have wifi, it's much easier to check for wifi than it was a few years ago.
I got one today as a gift, and I'm wondering how do those little red lights work... What do they mean? Do you happen to know? Thanks a bunch :)
Think of it like a cell phone: the more bars, the stronger the signal.

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