MLB Umpires get worse and worse every year (with an example from last night's Yankees game)

The umpires in Major League Baseball seem to get worse and worse every year. I have never seen more plays called incorrectly than this year. Quite possibly the worst so calls so far came last night, one in the Yankees/Twins game in the 11th inning. Right field umpire (during the playoffs, they have six umps) Umpire Phil Cuzzi called a ground rule double a foul ball, when it was fair by a good 8 inches. I think the thing that upsets me the most is that they specifically bring in two extra umps in the postseason simply to get calls like this right. Phil Cuzzi failed, and probably cost the Twins the game. Full story here.

Update: I couldn't have said it better than WSUcougars did on Digg: "Boy am I glad they added two extra officials for the playoffs, who's ONLY purpose is to make that exact call. Good work."