McDonalds and Microsoft: a winning partnership for bad design

I'm seriously thinking I need to start a blog that only highlights bad design. There's certainly enough content for it.

Today's episode features the instructions provided at McDonalds to connect to their free wifi. (But I'm kind of thinking if you can't connect to the wifi on your on, I'm not so sure this pamphlet will help...)

From the comments on the original TwitPic post:

Connecting to a WiFi network with a PC is the equivalent of a hostage negotiation.

- @Mikey129



that's microsoft for you :D MS can't help it...
Can you get fries with that? Yea, if you know how to connect to wifi, then that's why you'd want to use it while sitting at Micky Ds. But that looks like I'd be scared to even try.
Notice how easy the Mac set up is. Just saying.

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