Is getting a redesign?

Google has been known to continually improve upon the look and feel of their search site, but I just came across some changes that are a bit more substantial than a traditional Google refresh or improvement. This "redesign" includes a blue search button, eliminating the Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky buttons and more changes on the results page.

The homepage now includes a voice search feature that will automatically use a built-in microphone or one attached to a webcam (thanks to HTML5).

They also seem to be trying a completely new color scheme in the left rail of the search results page, as well as a gray bar across the top.

Another example of a results page with different types of content.

And the line height on some pages just looks plain silly.

There's a good chance many of these changes will never go live. A couple years ago, Facebook redesigned and tested their signup process but it didn't last long.


The buttons (besides the submit button) are apart of HTML5's new features. Based on the screen shots, you're using Google Chrome.

<input type="search"> Will add the "x" button to the end and <input> adds speech. :)

Thanks Brandon. I clearly need to brush up on my HTML5 knowledge!

Not a problem ;)
at home i have google like this for about 2 weeks or so....
I like Google's new design
Yea, google has changed its design. I like it.

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