So do you know where I might be able to get some of these? I have a few friends that would like them.
I got my "Honk If I'm Buying You Healthcare" sticker from CafePress:
This is the american point of view of solidarity. Luckyly, I live in Europe, where if you have problems of heart, or if you have cancer and you have not so much money to pay treatment for cure, you are not alone. And I'm proud to pay taxes for this.
Sure thing! And you honk if I'm paying for your child to go to public school, the road you drive on, the police department, the fire department, and the military that protects your freedom of speak so assholes like you can speak your mind.
Jon - I have no problem with everything you listed. Paying for those functions of government are necessary, and we've supported them since the inception of the country. And for the record, once I have kids, I'll be homeschooling them.

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