Buick tries to 1-up Lexus on a problem Lexus doesn't have

This Buick commercial shows that if you lock your keys in your car, you can unlock your doors with their iPhone app. While it might be a nice feature, the commercial infers that the Lexus owner locked his keys in his car. But it's actually impossible to lock your keys in a Lexus. Details below...

Every Lexus comes standard with their SmartAccess keys. These keys don't ever have to leave your pocket, and more importantly, don't let you lock the car when the key is inside. I find it humorous that the makers of this commercial would choose to compare the Buick to a Lexus ES for this specific feature, full while knowing their whole point is moot. Hey Buick, if you're going to target buyers of the Lexus ES, at least point out a problem Lexus actually has, not one you make up.


I was visiting my mom this weekend and driving her IS250. The keyless entry pissed me off:

If the key was in my mom's purse, it wouldn't let me lock or unlock the car because she was too far away
I couldn't open the trunk unless she got out of the car with the key

And most importantly: i had OCD around the car actually being locked. I like walking away from my car and seeing the lights flash, knowing the car really is locked.

When you think about it, it puts the person with the keys in control. And she doesn't have to get out of the car with the key - there's this thing called a trunk button.

And when go to lock your car, all you have to do is push a button. The lights flash and the car beeps. You know it's locked. How does it get any easier than that? =]

when she's sitting in the car but i want to open the trunk, it's a pain in the ass :)

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