A love story

Several weeks ago, I didn't know what love was. I had seen her, heard about her, done some internet stalking on her, but never actually met her. Then when we came face to face that glorious Saturday around 11:00 AM in a Best Buy, I knew it was love. Never did I think it was possible to fall in love like this. Now I know just how deeply I can love. Ever since that Saturday, I have only found myself more in love than the day before. Every day I wake up, open my eyes, and see her lying next to me in my bed, fully charged and ready for another great day together. I spend hours touching her before I even put my feet on the floor. What's the point of even getting out of bed anymore when you have her? Yes, she has completely eliminated the need for real women. It's true. That's how much I love my iPad.


Unbelievable!!! Personally, I prefer cupping a real woman's breasts to an Ipad any day!
I love technology just as much as the next person, but you need help. The next thing I'm expecting from your Cory is a photo collage of you spinning around in the sunset with your iPad, joyous photos of you and the iPad at Disneyland sharing an ice cream cone with a drip of vanilla on the gorgeous LCD screen following you licking if off. I'm scared to think that these concerns may soon become a reality and hope that you don't feel the need to add arms, legs or other appendages. I'm concerned for your well being Mr. Watilo.
Camron - the photo collage is in post-production. Stay tuned...
If this IPad is sooooo great why the heck does it not have a USB port? Ridiculous. And if you wrote this...I am bit concerned....and the fact you posted it makes me even more concerned.
but she can't dance with you... however, you never need to buy her a drink, and she is always i[n]tune with what you need... good think she doesn't PMS like a real girl ;-)
haha,i thought she's 'real' one

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