About Cory Watilo

I design web software and run a company called Preact. In my spare time, I'm working toward the next version of FolioHD, a place for artists (both digital and non) to easily showcase their work online. I previously designed and built most of the themes for Posterous.

When I'm not in my office, you might find me playing tennis or bowling, maybe line dancing or studying up on politics, or just outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. (Orange County really is the best place in the world. You should come visit sometime.)


I'm often asked how I ended up doing what I am today. So here's the story:

In high school, I filmed and edited school musicals and singing/dance groups, so in college, I majored in video production with an emphasis in editing. Yes, it's a far cry from interface design and website development, I know. So here's what happened next.

I started my internet career in the mid 2000's, maintaining a Myspace profile for a record label as an intern. Then I redesigned their website and started designing email templates and print fliers. For the couple years following, I found various website jobs on Craigslist (not something I recommend) and by casually networking at Starbucks.

Tired of the freelance game, in 2008 I started consulting as a front-end developer for a real .com company - a local search site. After realizing that their "corporate culture" was not for me, I looked toward startups.

In 2009, I joined a startup based in Los Angeles as their interface designer. We built software that helps businesses make better use of their employees. This was my first real work on a SaaS application.

Later in 2009, Posterous launched their theming engine. Ever since the launch, I have been designing and building themes for the Posterous community (many of which can be found in the built-in Posterous theme picker).

In 2010, I joined Patient's Guide as their designer. They run a network of websites that educate people in aesthetic medical treatments. Around the same time, I started working on Call Compass as their interface designer/UX guy. Their software helps physicians improve their patient conversion rate over the phone.

In 2011, I redesigned the Bandzoogle web software platform. They're the leader in creating awesome band websites.

In 2012, I jumped back into the consulting ring and worked on projects for Zillow and Kelley Blue Book. In addition, I continue to work on FolioHD, The Mux, Less Neglect and other exciting web software.

In late 2012, Less Neglect joined Launchpad LA, a Santa Monica-based startup accelerator.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Less Neglect changed names to Preact and is now a team of 8 (and growing) in Marina del Rey.

And that's how you go from working with video cameras and video editing software to a career in interface design. Exciting, huh?

So that's my story. What's yours?