My thoughts on Twitter's acquisition of Posterous

By now you've no doubt heard that Posterous has been acquired by Twitter. It's been a great run. I've loved every minute of being around Posterous. Here are a few personal highlights:

  • Written over 2,000 posts on Posterous since I joined three years ago. I also run 15 sites on Posterous.
  • Built and released 34 themes to Posterous users, racking up over 100,000,000 visits amongst those sites; also built all of Posterous' self-branded themes and ported over Metalab's themes from Tumblr
  • Started selling premium themes at, proving there is actually a market for premium Posterous themes
  • Created themes for Alexis Ohanian, Jenn Van Grove, Dell, The Onion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, + plenty of business users and organizations
  • And of course, created plenty of internal Posterous sites like 2012 Social Media Resolutions, the Switch to Posterous campaign, the old Help site, the former College Ambassadors campaign that eventually led to the hiring of Ryan Brown, + more
  • Met a ton of great people who I talk to on a daily basis. The friendships I've built as a result of using Posterous are irreplaceable.

I have to say a big thanks to Garry and Sachin for letting me tag along and work with them on so many fun projects!

While this acquisition is exciting for the team, many users are concerned about the future of the platform. Posterous is being vague about what will happen in the future. Until then, I'm going to continue using Posterous the way I always have.

However if they do choose to shut down in the future, I have no doubt a suitable replacement will rise. Dustin Curtis has been hard at work at his own minimalistic blogging platform that he currently uses at dcurt.isGooley and I have been working on an idea for a while now, where a blogging platform is a large component. It has the potential to do everything that Posterous does and so much more. (The scope of our idea is much larger.) Sign up to find out what it's all about.

My point is, if you're thinking about leaving Posterous now, don't rush to do it quite yet. There will be suitable alternatives. There's a reason Posterous users aren't already using Wordpress or Tumblr, and should Twitter shut down Posterous, there will be a void in the marketplace.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to what the Posterous team builds as a part of Twitter. They're a brilliant team who will do great things to further evolve the way we communicate.

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Go for it! I'll use the platform you'd build :)
Actually, one of the reasons Posterous users aren't already using Wordpress or Tumblr (other platforms) is because Posterous has never allowed or provided the capability of exporting blog content.

One such example is myself. I've been locked in :(

As you are going to be affected more than most of us by the acquisition, well said!
I'm still rockin one of your awesome Posterous themes and can't wait to see what your working on next :)
Any thoughts on releasing your Posterous export tool or do you think Posterous is working on a native solution?

I don't plan on giving up the service just yet, but if the time comes, I want to be able to take my Posterous journey with me.

Love it!!!, go for the MUX!!!
What i have loved most is P*s mobile interface chances, esp. when using Android (sharing facilities Apple infrastructore does not offer automatically ! - the Android app Superious is providing and proving them).
P*s multimedia interfaces are UNIQUE till today fir me.

I do not see any good alternatives for this ATM, really.

Greetings from Frankfurt, Gernany

Thanks for these comforting words Cory ... so your themes will eventually also be available on Gooley? I hope so!
Anna (Vancouver, BC)
I believe will retain the ability to customize themes (just as I did with Cory Watilo's highly visual Darkroom turned white at
Redwan, you have a point here: "Actually, one of the reasons Posterous users aren't already using Wordpress or Tumblr (other platforms) is because Posterous has never allowed or provided the capability of exporting blog content." - agreed!
For me it is the lack of any news in the last four months post acquisition that causes me a slight concern, do I continue to set up new sites in Posterous or move on.
@Robert, thanks for commenting. To my mind you should move on of course! Why you have to set up new sites? Just update your main with interesting content.
Watilo! You are my hero. Just love to read your posts))
thanks !!
I am starting to get concerned, Cory. Posterous has been down for posting pictures to the web a few times for a prolongued period over the past few weeks. No tweets, no e-mail back from the helpdesk and the back-up button didn't generate an e-mail as promised either...
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